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~ Oprah Winfrey

Soul Light Energy - Hands-on Healing Session for Animals

... helps people and animals to deepen their understanding of each other and deepening their bond.

Energy Healing has many qualities that make it an ideal complementary therapy for animals. First and foremost, it is gentle, painless, non-invasive and stress-free for animals. This modality heals your animal at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In this Soul Light Energy ‘Hands–On Healing for Pets’ crystals or essences might be used as well. This form of animal healing helps your animal to calm down and relax and experience peace.

Physical issues often have emotional root causes and ‘Holistic Healing’ can help your animal to resolve and release these matters and return to a more stable emotional and physical health.

The results of a treatment are usually noticed soon after a treatment or over the following several days. This might show up that an illness or physical injury has healed more rapidly than expected or the behaviour of the animals has changed. It can also take several treatments to begin to shift or regular treatments for a longer period of time may be needed to work through an issue.

Book in now for gentle and natural help for your beloved animal!

SOUL LIGHT Energy Treatment (50 min.) $ 47
Contact me on 0448 530 338

Animal Healing Workshops
Petra is also running Animal Healing Workshops to teach you how to support the health of your animal and by doing so form an extraordinary bond with it.
Animal Healing Workshop
to support the Animals in your Life

If you want to support and heal the animals in your life then this is the right workshop for you. Energy Healing has been practiced throughout the world for many years and can be used for all creatures.

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Animal Dreaming

This day is full of elements coming from Shamanism and Animal Dreaming. The term ‘Dreaming’ could relate to a person’s spirituality or medicine.

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Animal Dreaming Special

This day is very special as we are driving to Numurkah (VIC), a pproximately two and a half hours drive north of Melbourne and we will walk a ‘Labyrinth’ and a ‘Medicine Wheel’, which Petra’s friend Shirley Le Marquand has created on their property. A shamanic ceremony will be hold.

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