It's all about feeling worthy enough to take care of myself.

~ Oprah Winfrey

“Sometimes people think that calling on God means inviting a force into our lives that will make everything rosy. The truth is, it means inviting everything into our lives that will force us to grow--and growth can be messy. The purpose of life is to grow into our perfection.”

—Excerpted from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Soul Light Crystal Massage Therapy

Soul Light Crystal Massage is a holistic body therapy with crystals, scent and sound. The method originated from the use of massage and crystals in health and wellbeing. It combines the benefits of various massage techniques with the versatile effects of crystals, scents and sound.

Soul Light Crystal Massage has an activating as well as relaxing effect and increases body awareness. Each of the different sections of the total body massage can be used separately in individual treatments, such as for the back, hands, face or feet.

Soul Light Crystal Massage can also be combined with classic applications, such as foot care using the foot massage or cosmetic treatment using the facial and upper chest massage.

Soul Light Crystal Massage will be adapted to your individual requirement, which means the client will be individual tested with a ‘Bio-Tensor® Rod’ or muscle testing to filter out the body’s and soul’s need at that moment.

At SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE we believe that everyone needs to be treated as an ‘Individual’. Soul Light Crystal Massage offers you the ultimate deep relaxation, strengthens the immune system and removes toxins. Therefore the clients will be advised to drink a lot of natural water after the treatments to flush out the toxins. The bodies own natural healing process is stimulated and will be leaving you, feeling totally relaxed and calm.

Discover for yourself how fascinating and diversified the work with crystals can be and which possibilities it offers. The massages are conducted with warm crystal oils and by using different shapes of stones e.g. spheres, wands, soap- or palm-stones and tumble polished stones.

The massages of the Soul Light Crystal Massage concept have an activating as well as relaxing effect and increase body awareness. Each of the different sections of the total body massage can be used separately in individual treatments, such as for the back, hands, face or feet.

Soul Light Crystal Massage can also be combined with classic applications, such as foot care using the foot massage or cosmetic treatment using the facial and upper chest massage. The energies from the crystals promote a calm and meditative state, allowing you or your client to experience a new and deeper level of calm, tranquility and total relaxation.

Petra’s own beautiful way of massaging includes SOUL LIGHT ENERGY in her Soul Light Crystal Massage treatments. Treat your mind, body and soul with this wonderful treatment.

Interested in Learning the ‘SOUL LIGHT CRYSTAL MASSAGE read more about the upcoming workshops and trainings.

Wellness with Crystals & Gemstones
We shine from within

Stress, lack of sleep or trying to deal with life’s challenges has an huge impact on our body, especially the skin, which average total surface is almost about two square meters. The skin is our largest sensory organ and when it looks wan or sick it tells us certainly that there is something not working for us. Then hiding behind a mask of cosmetics is only a quick-fix solution, which doesn’t reveal the issue.

So how deal with it?

We at SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING believe that inner peace and harmony are essential components of beauty and wellbeing. Here comes the Soul Light Crystal Massage in, which is a wonderful system of massage with crystals that I now call Soul Light Crystal Massage .

Soul Light Crystal Massage is a targeted preventive method for maintaining health and beauty by using the healing properties of the crystals combined with beautiful organic massage oil infused by the information of crystals.

I pick up on emotions and feelings of my clients while performing a Soul Light Crystal Massage helping bring everything into a flow. Therefore the hands are flowing intuitively over the body of the person being massaged.

Soul Light Crystal Massage is very individual depending on the personality and circumstances of the client and is performed in slow synchronic movements to take out the speed and rush of our modern lives, which is causing us a lot of stress by all kinds of sensory stimulation. University Studies have shown that the network of our nerve endings responds particularly well to slow movement.

The Power of Touch

The skin, largest sensory organ contains thousands of nerve endings that respond to stimuli such as pressure and temperature.

More sensitive parts of the body like the face or hands have concentrated nerve endings there. These sense receptors relay impressions (good and bad) to our brain, which means when we are touched in beautiful and pleasurable ways, positive information through a mixture of hormones, endorphins etc. is poured in our bloodstream. The impact on the person to be massaged is a feeling of deep relaxation, happiness and lightness.

Soul Light Crystal Massage uses this slow movement across the body in synchronic massaging and directing the crystals over the skin also using circles and stroking. The pressure is gentle and relaxing.

Tracy: “This was the first massage, I didn’t feel any pain.”

The ‘Power of Touch’ also reawakens our conscious perception and leads to a deep relaxation, if you allow it. Just looking into a person’s face after a Soul Light Crystal Massage you will notice that the facial features are more natural, open and relaxed, very soft and beautiful!

The following natural treatments are available
for your Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul:

Soul Light Crystal Massage – This is holistic vitalising by crystal massage – an absolutely great experience for your wellbeing! This intuitive crystal massage is more than a simple relaxing massage, bringing massage and healing crystals together allows a deep effect to influences body, mind, spirit and soul.

Using fine organic jojoba oil with 100% pure essential oils informed with the compatible healing energies of 3 crystals you get your self healing power in your body activated, which brings your body the lost energy back.

There are different gemstone oils used like ‘Stress Release’, ‘In full Flow’, ‘Joy of Life’, ‘Calmness’, ‘Feel Secure’, ‘Youth Spring’ or ‘Regeneration’. The gemstone oil and the crystals will be used warm. This enhances the depth effect. You get a holistic consultation and totally individual testing by a Biotensor®/One Hand Rod to give you a great support.

Let go and enjoy the wonderful very deep relaxation!

Full Body Massage (2 h) $ 130,-
incl. footbath, crystal water, scents and sound

Partial Body Massage (1 h) $ 80,-  

Warm Amber Massage (75 min) $ 90,-
Feeling down or depressed this massage is a highlight to get back the joy of life by treating especially the joints.

"The crystal healing session I had with Petra was simply stupendous.  As I travel my life journey, there are times when I need extra support and the session I received did this through the use of a powerfully gentle foot and leg massage coupled with the use of beautiful crystals; not only the stones themselves but a very beautiful crystal oil. It was indeed a very profound session.  Thanks Petra, your knowledge of the use of your crystals, coupled with the massage is something I will never forget"  ~ Catherine Forrester
Reflexology of the feet,
soles and backside

The function of an organ is determined by the quality of the metabolism and its regulation. The reflexology zones on the feet show the state of this regulation and massages there may induce improvements. As an effect we’ll gain a stabilisation of our health we may even clear energetic and emotional blockages.

Reflexology Massage (1hr) $ 75,-
Working with crystal wands/styluses – dissolves blockages in the body and harmonises mind and soul. Enjoy a lovely massage for the feet, which are often neglected by us.

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