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Products: Geomancy Tools

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Quality Dowsing Rod
One Hand Rod with Clear Quartz Ball
$ 109

Quality Dowsing Rod
One Hand Rod – with little Amethyst crystals in the handle
Also available with a wooden ball instead of a ring.
$ 107

Dowsing Rod, Dismountable
Comes in a special box 18 x 7 x 3 cm,
put together in 20 seconds, perfect for travelling.


General product description:
Handle, balls, rings are all made of European Beech. The wire is 0,8 mm thick, zinc coated and polished. Connecting pieces are made out of brass. Please ask for Special Dowsing Rods that can be ordered:

  • Double rod with ball and ring – enhanced range of application

Dowsing is a simple but powerful skill which can be used by almost anyone to harness natural forces for health, harmony and wellbeing. A great and easy to learn tool to get into practice is a ‘One Hand Rod’ used by many practitioners in alternative therapies.  Learn how to dowse and enhance your wellbeing and realize your intuitive Powers! Basic Workshop - ‘Dowsing for Health.’ Dowsing Rods are also a requisite for the ‘Sensitive Resonance Therapy’.

Please note that the crystal shown on all pictures are natural products that can vary in shape, mineralogical patterns and appearance. Therefore the images shown are only examples.

Due to a natural fluctuation of availability for minerals and some products coming from overseas, there might be shortages for some of the products. In such a case we let you know, whether and when we can deliver them.

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