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Sensitive Resonance Therapy Training Course
Dowsing for Health– Informational Medicine – Healing with Symbols

Rutenset Sensitive Resonance Therapy is based on the research and experiences of Erich Koerbler (Austrian life energy scientist, died 1994), who said: “Everything vibrates and is connected to each other.” People, animals, stones and colours…. all send out information.”

This method helps to discover electromagnetic pollution, earth rays, water-veins by testing with a resonating ‘One hand rod’ and this ‘Informational Dowsing’ consists of asking questions. It is used to recognise disturbances and the meridian and acupuncture points will be harmonised and balanced by using geometric symbols. Advantage – no needles – no pain! Also working with healing information transmitted to water (Masaru Emoto) or crystals and gemstones the healing is happening on a holistic level. There is also a great way to work with information you get from the Psycho- Meridian. A great method to work with Body, Mind and Soul!

This method is unique and an easy way of activating the self-healing process of the body by using signs and geometrical forms and symbols that have a specific charge. It is very easy in use as one does not need technical devices except the ‘One Hand Dowser’ and something to write.

To understand the background of the method you need a solid teaching of biophysical background which will help prepare the field for testing accurately. Learn to dowse using an energetic vector circle to find out about the severity of stress and exposure or intolerance for your whole organism.

Transmitting Healing Information

Topics: Fix meridian and acupuncture points through ‘Healing Symbols’ and create a state. Create ‘Message of Water’ and work with the energised water.

The objective of this weekend is to control the state. That is a quick trial where the meridians of Chinese medicine and particularly the points discovered by Erich Koerbler will be used. This method is practical, easy and risk free in using. With this you can get a picture in the quickest way about the person to be tested and at the same time make a comparison using geometric symbols. You can establish all influences working negatively on our energy system, which are caused e.g. by allergies, mycosis, amalgam or other heavy metals and harmonize these using geometric symbols. Eliminate interferences from scars, tattoos and jewellery. We transfer healing information into water and drink the energised water. This transports the healing information into every cell of our body.

“If you look at the water, the water looks back at you. What you think is the landscape of your heart, your vibrancy and the water absorbs all of it.” Masaru Emoto - Book - The Message from Water Volume I

In what areas can I benefit?

The effect of this method ranges from using it with acute illnesses, cuts, burns, nose bleeding, sprains etc. or chronic diseases as well as limited beliefs or a variety of psychological and psychosomatic patterns.

Through healing symbols and healing information we balance the energy system of our body, the Meridians. This helps to clear the blockages and get back into flow for our well-being.

Sensitive Resonance Therapy helps us taking care for our own health by activating the self-healing energies as well as harmonising energetic disturbance factors of our body. Sensitive Resonance Therapy and its healing quality fit in beautifully with other healing modalities. Therefore this informational medicine is a great tool for practitioners of all alternative methods as well as every single person for maintenance own health and the health of family and friends.

One hand rods are available for testing
for those who do not yet have their own.

Training Outline:
Dowsing for Health and Healing Workshop (3h)
= prerequisite for all other courses
  • Contact with a One Hand Rod/Basic Dowsing
  • Capability for testing/Pre-checks before starting to dowse
  • Check tolerance or quality of food, water, cosmetics, jewelery, cleaning and washing agents and so on...
  • Clearing electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress zones, neutralise earth rays
  • Easily dejam mobile phones with symbols
  • Optimise your living space

Click here for information on the prerequisite
Dowsing for Health and Healing Workshop

S.R.T 1 (2day-weekend workshop)

  • Assign a deflection ot the rod to geometric symbols using a vector circle
  • More geometric symbols
  • Work with information and create a healing message of water (Masaru Emoto principle) on an energetic level
  • Practical approach of geometric symbols on the human body and energy
  • Energy-Balance (status) of the body’s meridians (Acupunturesystem) making use of barcodes and symbols
  • Location of meridians
  • Testing for allergies, blood mycosis or heavy metal contamination
  • Using geometric symbols directly on the body sets an impulse to activate the self-healing process.
  • Divert Amalgam and heavy metals
  • Recognise and understand the connection between allergies, blood mycosis and heavy metal
  • Divert durch energetic information and individual tested herbs
  • Practical exercises and Energy-Balance (status) for every participant

SRT 1: $333, 2 Days
Inclusive Certificate, Script and Charts


Comments about S.R.T.1:

"The course is very informative and full of useful information. The tutor is excellent, knowledgeable, patient and sharing. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in vibrational medicine. Thank you!"
~ Nick Panopoulos

"Thank you for the course is excellent full of information. It is all new to me, but I am happy that I did it." ~ Stella


S.R.T 2 (2 day-weekend workshop)

  • Yin-Yang theory
  • Theory of the 5 elements (TCM)
  • Meridians more detailed, Tooth-Meridian
  • The 5 levels of healing
  • Working with emotions
  • Psychological correlation of the vertebras
  • Practical exercises and healing session for every participant

SRT 2: $333, 2 Days
Inclusive Certificate, Script and Charts

S.R.T.3 ( 2day-weekend workshop)

  • Location and basic knowledge of Aura and Chakras
  • Checking the enrgy levels of the Chakras and Auras
  • How to influence them for harmonising and balancing, activating the self-healing process
  • Dissolving blockages
  • Every colour and every sound has its own frequency – individual testing
  • Colours and Sound in healing and how to integrate them in a healing
  • Our Belief System
  • Rewriting of old beliefs with different methods – after Carl O. Simonton and ‘The Work’ (Byron Katie)
  • The Psycho-Meridian – disolving blockages connected to the past, connected feelings, disolve them right where they came into existence
  • Practical exercises and healing session for every participant

SRT 3: $333, 2 Days
Inclusive Certificate, Script and Charts.

S.R.T Special (1day)

  • Family tree and constellation work on the paper (systemic coaching and healing)
  • Working with ‘Cosmic Symbols’

SRT Special: $170, 1 Day
Inclusive Certificate, Script and Charts

What people have said about this course:
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What Participants have said:
Thank you, Petra for a wonderful weekend. The teaching came from your heart, being connected to a higher source. The tools you gave us are very practical and easy to use. The material provided is excellent, easy to refer back. Very warm, friendly and supportive environment. All in all, I loved it.

~ Karin

An ideal balance between theory and practice. Koerbler’s method offers me a very detailed way to restore health on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They help me to be responsible for every aspect of my health. Very empowering. This workshop has given me a lifelong tool, which works on the deepest level. Now it is up to me to take charge. Petra ’s compassionate and knowledgeable personality has facilitated a profound healing experience. Thousand Thanks,

~ Sabine

Dear Petra,

This weekend workshop ‘Sensitive Resonance Therapy’ really brought together the knowledge of using the ‘Dowsing Rod’ for me. I feel I have a practical use for the rod with the ‘Energetic Vector Circle’ sheet and the ‘Energy Balance’ sheet. I hope to take this information away to help friends and family. This weekend crystalised my need to have like minded people around me and I will ask the Universe to send them to me as it did you to me. Thank you so much for your efforts in translating and sharing your knowledge with myself and others. Keep up the good work!

~ With loving thoughts, Annie Ammitzball

Hi Petra,

I really enjoyed your course of ‘Sensitive Resonance Therapy’. It opened my eyes to working with energies to my own and other people’s benefit. I always wanted to take responsibility for my own healing in addition to professional help. It is also enjoyable to use the dowsing rod and wait for the answer it gives me and to make the next decision based on the answer I’m getting. I’m looking forward to using the rod and find out if I can do anything to support my health even more. I want to take my healing seriously and I find that this step of ‘Dowsing’ will really help me to do that. Thank you.

~ Monica Subai

It’s the start of a great beginning for the future. Very comfortable in this weekend situation. Lot’s of research for me to do and understand. This group to me was comforatble, compatible and safe. It has given me confidence for the future and felt a safe plan to be. Looking forward to further meetings. Very pleased to have Petra in my life.

~ Sientje

Petra, Your folder of notes was very much appreciated and very comprehensive handouts for personal use and application. Emphasis on actual practice to support the theory – exellent. Each participant got as much attentention as she needed. Lovely environment for a 2day-course. Petra is very good on explaining and clarifying whatever was not understood and is a very generous hostess.

~ Lydia

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