It's all about feeling worthy enough to take care of myself.

~ Oprah Winfrey

I Am Who I Am
By Joanna Walsh

I see nothing as good or bad. It just is
I am what I am, what I came to be
To be free
To be joy
To be me

I live life to the fullest
From a place of fullness
I see what I see
I am free to be me
Not to judge. Just to see

What I see is the good in you
The beautiful you
You are perfect in everyway
Just be yourself, like me
Be free to be me

Let go of your insecurities
In heaven, there are none
No reasons to fear or to care for such things
We see all of you as perfect, in everyway

Why not see yourself as we do
Pure love
Pure light
Pure joy!

Go on!
Enjoy it
Find the stillness within
Soak it up
Discover who you really are
The essence of the divine


Soul Light Energy
Distance Healing

You find it hard to understand or believe that ‘Distance Healing’ is possible? Through the study of Quantum Physics, scientists acknowledge that energy is always everywhere and connected to all things and beings.

The ability of the healer to sense the energy field and illnesses of the patient is not limited by distance and nor is the healer’s ability to channel energy, colour and light. Although an “in-person” treatment can usually be more powerful and comprehensive, it is possible for the healer to give an effective and beneficial distance healing treatment to a patient even domiciled thousands of kilometers away. If a person cannot come for an “in-person” treatment because of location or serious illnesses that require treatment every day or every few days in short intervals they might need distance healing for their convenience and independency to restore their health and vitality.

Benefits of a Healing Session experienced by other clients

  • Improvements of the physical, emotional and mental state
  • Reduced pain or no pain at all
  • Relaxed body, relaxed mind
  • Increased energy
  • Feeling balanced and grounded
  • Improvement in the functioning of the immune system
  • Accelerated healing process from illness, surgery or injuries

Healing energy can be sent and received anywhere instantaneously! 

Pre-condition: The client needs to give permission to heal and is in charge of the own healing process.

Booking a Distance Healing Session

Depending on the health concern you want to address, the number of sessions required can vary. A not too serious imbalance can often be easily addressed in one session.

However, if this health concern exists already over a longer period of time or is very stubborn and to get lasting results I recommend a package of 3 healing sessions. The best personal interval will be tested individually for the client.

It is ideal for your healing session to be scheduled for a time when you can be lying down in a quiet space. However, if this is not possible the healing can be done at one time and intention with the energies to integrate while you are sleeping.

However, I will email or call you the time I have booked to work energetically on you and if you are free to lay down and relax, do that! Many people report a feeling of calmness and an overwhelming sense of happiness and serenity after their session. Results can vary, but generally health issues seem to be most noticeably different somehow from instantly or within 3 days. As the old disruptive energy pattern has been negated during a session, healing continues to take place naturally of its own pace.

Drink lots of natural water after a healing session and for the rest of the day (well you should always drink enough water!). If you feel tired have a rest or it is also possible that you might feel very energized, but please slow down your activities as the body needs to integrate the healing energies and it repairs best while we are asleep or resting. That’s important!

On completion I will give you a report of the healing work I have done for/on you. Distance Healing Sessions need to be paid in advance so that I can book in the time to treat you and write your report.

Distance Healing - Treatment 1hr - $ 70,-
Distance Healing - Treatment 3h within 1 month - $ 180,- (save $ 30,-)
Contact Petra on 0448 530 338

Disclaimer: All offered treatments are not to be understood as a medical diagnosis. The intention is to support your body, mind and soul to feel well balanced in life and to activate your own self-healing system. Please seek the advice of a qualified professional medical for all health concerns.

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