It's all about feeling worthy enough to take care of myself.

~ Oprah Winfrey

I Am Who I Am
By Joanna Walsh

I see nothing as good or bad. It just is
I am what I am, what I came to be
To be free
To be joy
To be me

I live life to the fullest
From a place of fullness
I see what I see
I am free to be me
Not to judge. Just to see

What I see is the good in you
The beautiful you
You are perfect in everyway
Just be yourself, like me
Be free to be me

Let go of your insecurities
In heaven, there are none
No reasons to fear or to care for such things
We see all of you as perfect, in everyway

Why not see yourself as we do
Pure love
Pure light
Pure joy!

Go on!
Enjoy it
Find the stillness within
Soak it up
Discover who you really are
The essence of the divine


Soul Light Energy  

"Healing" is a natural, holistic process that requires cooperation between all parts of ourselves:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  In a healing session energy from Source comes through the healer and is transmitted to the person to be treated. 

At Soul Light Institute we provide a relaxed atmosphere, a safe space, clear intention and support for this completely natural healing process. 

Sessions Available

Hands-on Healing Session

R.E.S.E.T. (Jaw Alignment)

Attunement and Initiation

Distance Healing

Every living person, planet and animal has their own unique vibration. If we are healthy and feeling good then we are in a vibrational match with our thoughts and our environment, but this vibration is often challenged and out of balance through stress, poor diet, toxins, environmental pollutants or other factors. Then disease manifests in our body producing an outward symptom. We are experiencing a ‘lack of ease’.

Soul Light Energy
Hands-on Healing Session

SOUL LIGHT ENERGY is a form of hands-on healing on the fully clothed body. It is one of the purest and strongest energies of the ‘New Age’. SOUL LIGHT ENERGY is crystalline energy that carries old wisdom from the time of Atlantis in itself. Therefore a reconnection with your own wisdom and ability is possible. The healer works with ‘white light’ and the help of the angels.

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SOUL LIGHT Energy Session (1hr) $ 70
incl. sound and scents Contact Petra on 0448 530 338

One of a few simple RESET positionsSoul Light Energy
R.E.S.E.T. (Jaw Alignment)

Rafferty  Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular joint   RESET was developed and researched by Philip Rafferty, a Melbourne based kinesiologist. It originally formed part of the Kinergetics series of workshops.  Kinergetics combines healing energy and Kinesiology (muscle testing).

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2 sessions (one with closed eyes, one with open eyes) each 45 min. $ 90
Contact Petra on 0448 530 338

Soul Light Energy
Attunement and Initiation

SOUL LIGHT ENERGY is a path of the new age. In the moment it is one of the purest and most powerful energies that have been given to Claudia Beer, Germany , Channel Medium, by the spiritual world. SOUL LIGHT ENERGY is given through initiation by the highest level.

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SOUL LIGHT Energy Session (1hr) $ 70
incl. sound and scents
Contact Petra on 0448 530 338

Soul Light Energy
Distance Healing

Through the study of Quantum Physics, scientists acknowledge that energy is always everywhere and connected to all things and beings. The ability of the healer to sense the energy field and illnesses of the patient is not limited by distance and nor is the healer’s ability to channel energy, colour and light. Although an “in-person” treatment can usually be more powerful and comprehensive, it is possible for the healer to give an effective and beneficial distance healing treatment to a patient even domiciled thousands of kilometers away.

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Distance Healing - Treatment 1hr - $ 70,-
Distance Healing - Treatment 3h within 1 month - $ 180,- (save $ 30,-)
Contact Petra on 0448 530 338

What people have said about Soul Light Energy:

"I recently had a deluxe treatment with Petra in Croydon Hills. As a therapist myself I am very picky about who I go and see and if the energy and intentions of the therapist are good! I was most impressed with all aspects of the treatment with Petra ....

Firstly she is very warm and welcoming and makes you feel at home..... secondly the treatment room is very clear and feels clear energetically. Petra’s treatments are a combination of gentle crystal massage and crystal therapy, energy healing, sacred symbols work and of course a strong intuition. Petra finds out exactly what you need to come into balance..... song treatment is designed to your needs on the day.

Petra uses only the best quality crystals in her treatment which she cleans after every session to purify any negative energies and that makes a huge difference. When I came to have a treatment with Petra I was physically exhausted and emotionally scattered. By the end of the treatment I felt like myself again. Centered, happy and energized! Highly recommended!

Thank you! ~ Chris Blackwell (Chordant Therapies, East Malvern)


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