It's all about feeling worthy enough to take care of myself.

~ Oprah Winfrey


The Self
This is what Neale Donald Walsch wrote in his weekly bulletin About ‘The Self’. At Soul Light Institute we see him as one of the outstanding teachers of the West in these days and therefore adore him and his work. We recommend reading his books and watching his DVD’s. [Read the Bulletin]

Art of Visualization and Meditation
There are many types and forms of meditation and many people are now slowly realizing the importance of meditation in their everyday life. Even medical practitioners are now accepting meditation as a way to treat certain health conditions like depression. [Read the Art of Visualisation and Meditation]

For People Working through Grief: On Daily Meditation
People go through a lot of problems in life. Some of them find it easy to deal with such problems but a great number of people can't cope with the situation and end up being depressed. When something of great importance to you is lost, what do you initially feel? The answer is grief and this is such a strong feeling that many individuals experience, young or old alike. [Read the entire Article]

Common Terms

Alternative Medicine:
Departing from scientific medicine or challenging traditional practices

Human Energy Field

Regions of the human body where maximum energy gathers, centers of spiritual power, Origin in India coming from Sanskrit meaning ‘wheel or circle’

Complementary Medicine:
Medical therapy that falls beyond the scope of scientific medicine but may be used alongside it

Energy Field:
A stimulating energy surrounding all living things

A person’s mental or physical condition and the state of being free from illness or injury

Pertaining to treating the whole person, in body, mind and spirit

Immune System:
The body’s defence against disease

Is the birth on earth and the taking on of a physical body for this level of experiencing life on earth

It’s an inner knowing or sensing

An aspect of spiritual energy, a healing energy, working with light leads to enlightenment

Spiritual and healing energy


  • Neuro – refers to the human nervous system including the brain and five senses, how we experience our world
  • Linguistic – communication via verbal and non-verbal languages, how we make sense of our world
  • Programming – the ability to achieve a desired outcome by structuring the neurological and linguistic systems.

Radionics (raydionniks):
A system of alternative medicine based on the study of radiation supposedly emitted by living matter

Reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection or synchronous vibration

Sacred Healing:
Is a form of subtle energy medicine which has the soul-based, intuitive approach as its core strategy.

At Soul Light Institute of Massage and Holistic Healing we see a soul as the incarnated human spirit, our true nature.

All that ever is, all energy. In religious terms – God, Oneness or the Creator.

The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy


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