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Sensitive Resonance Therapy – Informational Medicine

Based on the research and experiences of Erich Koerbler founder of "New Homeopathy" and Austrian life energy scientist, who said: "Everything vibrates and is connected to each other. People, animals, stones and colours…. all send out information.”

This method helps to discover electromagnetic radiation, earth rays, water-veins by testing with a resonating ‘One Hand Rod’ - this ‘Informational Dowsing’ consists of asking questions. It is used to recognise disturbances and the meridian and acupuncture points on your body will be harmonised and balanced by using geometric symbols. Advantage – no needles – no pain!

Also working with healing information transmitted to water (Masaru Emoto) or crystals and gemstones the healing is happening on a holistic level. There is also a great way to work with information you get from the Psycho-Meridian. A great method to work with Body, Mind and Soul!

Sensitive Resonance Status and Testing Session:
(1h+) $ 80,-
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Sensitive Resonance Therapy and Healing Symbols for Humans and Animals

This method can be perfectly applied for our animals as well. Petra is currently developing seminars for pet owners wanting to treat their animals in a natural way.

Coming soon!

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life brings harmony and balance in Body, Mind & Soul through this central symbol of ‘Sacred Geometry’.

This great knowledge of the ancient civilisations like the Egyptians and Mayas has been derived from nature. It was logical, simple and effective. Also architecture was based on nature principles and they knew how to calculate relative positions and space. Most of us have lost that contact with nature, but if you look well at flowers and leaves of plants you can see geometry. It is the language of the Universe. The Flower of Life symbol is found everywhere in the world in temples and sacred places.

Geometry was important. Signs and symbols of sacred geometry still can be found in art and architecure of ancient civilisations like Egypt. The ancient knowledge of sacred geometry has been kept secret for centuries in monasteries of all religions. For example in the East the Tibetians have safeguarded their geometry knowledge to a great extend in their many types of mandalas. The knowledge about sacred geometry as we know it today in the West has derived from the Greeks.

Most people might not be aware that geometry is linked to music and our awareness. It is used as a blueprint for our cells to grow in a certain direction from embryo to an adult human. Therefore it is also said to be a logical type of mostly profound spirituality.

In ancient civilisations spirituality and science were perceived as one. People were more in contact with the earth and the cosmos and therefore lived a much richer intuitive life. Today we are seekers, looking for guidance and connection. It is all there! We just need to open our eyes for the beauty of the earth, the cosmos and nature. We have lost feelings of love and joy and how to create them instantly. Within the oldest written documents we can find valuable answers from these high civilisations.

Unfortunately in nowadays it is not known within a much larger percentage of our society. Our modern science didn’t integrate the wisdom of nature and cosmos. Just within the last couple of years more and more people all over the planet start to question this.

All geometrical shapes are like LEGO blocks, which fit onto each other and also can be created from each other. This all is connected to our human energy field, our physical, emotional and mental bodies as well as the cosmic laws.

As above, so below!

The ‘Flower of Life’ is the most important symbol of ‘Sacred Geometry’. In this antique symbol you find all aspects of life perfectly proportioned. Just looking at the ‘Flower of Life’ symbol supports us in balancing heart, mind and spirit.

Application of the 'Flower of Life’ as:

  • Harmonising and activating symbol
  • Meditation support
  • As coaster: Energising water and enhance the vibration
  • Energising food and drinks
  • Harmonise and dejam a room or house – just stick the symbol on the window or paint it on the wall
  • Sticker as harmoniser for mobile phones
  • Healing vibration on the body
  • Clearing space
  • Support sleep – put the symbol under the pillow
Sensitive Resonance Therapy Comment:
"I have been suffering from very bad spasm pains on my lower back when I sit for more than 30 minutes since I fell flat on my back 2 yrs ago. Apparently  my sacrum healed unevenly after it has been broken by the fall. The doctor's presciption was to break it again and have it connected back properly. I was  not game to do that. I came to see Petra and she introduced me to the 'Sensitive Resonance Therapy' and prescribed me a water information treatment. After just a week of doing the treatment the spasms are almost gone. Looking forward to completely ridding myself of this pain. Thanks Petra!" Arvee Manaog
All offered treatments are not to be understood as a medical diagnosis. The intention is to support your body, mind and soul to feel well balanced in life and to activate your own self-healing system. Please seek the advice of a qualified professional medical for all health concerns.
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