It's all about feeling worthy enough to take care of myself.

~ Oprah Winfrey

“Sometimes people think that calling on God means inviting a force into our lives that will make everything rosy. The truth is, it means inviting everything into our lives that will force us to grow--and growth can be messy. The purpose of life is to grow into our perfection.”

—Excerpted from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles


Venus Flower Project
Building and Intiation of the Venus Flower in Australia
Day of Creation and Initiation Saturday 20 NOV 2010

Energetically connected to all the other Venus Flowers on Mother Earth for example Austria, Germany, England, Greece, Egypt, Ghana and many more, it was an honour to build this Venus Flower located at Inverleigh, Victoria, Australia.

The Venus Flower Symbol radiates the love into the world and helps us to reconnect with pure love and find the connection from our brain to the heart and also connects us with the heart of Mother Earth.

The symbol works like an antenna connecting Mother Earth with the planet VENUS. If we stand in the middle of a Venus Flower we are channeling that pure love energy between the two planets over our hearts.

The original creation idea with the Venus Flower Symbol comes from Austria, Werner Neuner. He encourages people to build the symbol, initiate and work with it all over the world.

Being able to build it with the help of some beautiful friends and being part of this amazing energy was very special to me. The project was realised during the day doing the building of the flower. In the evening we had the initiation ritual in incredible moonlight, with lot's of different sounds, walking 5 times along the 5 petals of the flower, opening our hearts to the energies of Mother Earth and planet Venus. Afterwards we were sitting around a bonfire.

Over the whole evening and during the ritual we had incredibly energy and the visit of a lightbeing and lot's of orbs. A photoalbum of this can be seen on the facebook page 'Healing with Symbols'

For further information like 'How to build a Venus Flower' or working with the 'Venus Flower Mandala', which can be downloaded for free below.

Many Blessings,

Download the Venus Flower Measurements

The Mandala "43 61 104“

Numbers have an impact on our consciousness like an archetypic force. Thinking about numbers in a row, initiates an astonishing effect within us.

There are numbers in the Universe that occur at essential locations, not by accident. They embody the ‘Secret of Life’. Using the example of the biological life on earth which is governed by exactly 20 amino acids, then the number 20 is an essential structure number with vital significance.

And when life comes into existence always after 13 days to form an umbilical cord after the fertilisation of the female egg cell in the uterus, then the number 13 is a force that is programmed in our memory.

The numbers 43 and 61 are cosmic constants (absolute terms). At the location of the number 43 and 61 the physical matter has two holes. The atoms with the ordinal number 43 and 61 are instable.

Through these two wormholes our free spirit enters the material world. Exactly through these two wormholes our spirit can also leave the world again.

The ‘ Wilton Windmill England Crop Circle’ reveals that the sun connects these two wormholes, shortens them and therefore a new space is opening. Within this new space the ‘Divine Matrix’ evolutes.

The connection between both cosmic constants (absolute terms), 43 + 61 results 104. This is 8times the number 13! From an archetypic view the number 8 stands for love and the ability to love. The number 13 is the central number within our cell memory. This means that:

Within this space we remember that we are evocative of our ability to love on a very deep cellular level! The ‘Wisdom of Love’ in its free nativeness awakens!

The Design

To aid this memory within the consciousness of mankind, I have developed the “Mandala 43 61 104“.

  • The number 43 emblematizes the female aspect (left side).
  • The number 61 emblematizes the male aspect (right side).
  • The number 104 emblematizes the union of both in a amorous and all-embracing flirtation.

Converting the number 43 (left) into the 13th table, this results in 34 (43 = 3 x 13 + 4). In an interesting manner this is exactly the mirroring of the number 43. This mirroring is therefore also interesting as 34 is the frequency of the element Selenium whereat the word Selenium derives from the Greek word for moon.

You can find the illustration of 3 and 4 one below the other on the left side of the mandala. I took this illustration out of the Neuner-Calendar and the Venus-Oracle.

Converting the second constant number 61 (right) into the 13th table, you get a result of 49 (61 = 4 x 13 + 9). These both data are illustrated through the archetypes from the Neuner-calendar and the Venus-Oracle.

The annexation of both poles is symbolized through the structure of the Venus Flower (5 petals).


You can use the mandala:

  • To enter the new space of consciousness that is within and around you
  • To activate the memory to become evocative of the songs of the ‘Divine Matrix’

You betake yourself into the ‘ River of Life ’, right in the middle of the river. There you will join all those people that have chanced to come into the middle of the river as well, floating there full of faith and full of joy.


Firstly ground yourself and connect with Mother Earth and her healing songs. Position the mandala right in front of you or in the middle of a circle or room, if you are doing a group meditation. Best would be for every participant to have one in front of them.

Imagine the number 43 is activating itself within your left palm. Then imagine the number 61 activating itself within your right palm.

Slowly bring both open palms together. From experience you will feel a clear resistance between your both palms. Poles attract each other and at the same time push away each other, like the play of love! Then when both palms have contact, think of the number 104.

Right in this moment the portal will open. Then multiple times think of the combination „43 61 104“. By following this procedure you will enter the new space in which the songs of the ‘Divine Matrix’ unfold themselves. Let this ‘Divine Matrix’ sink in, it will change your life…….miracles are possible!

You get most out of the meditation at full moon at around 8pm doing it as part of a full moon meditation or circle. This mandala is totally free for everyone. You can print and copy it, use it and give it to other people. If you give it to others, do it as a free gift and honour the source:

Thank you! With Blessings,
Werner Johannes Neuner

Download this information as a PDF Document
The Mandala

Das Mandala "43 61 104“ by Werner Johannes Neuner, Austria
Translation by Petra Stampfer

© 2010 Soul Light Institute of Massage & Holistic Healing